Hilgay is a small Norfolk village with a long history. It rises (almost imperceptively) from the surrounding flat fenland and was an island at the time of the Doomesday Book. It is a small friendly place surrounded by farmland and although it has moved to embrace new technology (it has fast broadband) is it still has a welcoming village feel to it.


Hilgay War Memorial

Hilgay War Memorial 2.JPG
Hilgay War Memorial 1.JPG

Hilgay Village Hall - Owned by Hilgay United Charities

Hilgay Village Hall 1.JPG
Hilgay Village Hall 2.JPG

Hilgay Play Area - Ely Road

Hilgay Play Area 1.JPG
Hilgay Play Area 5.JPG
Hilgay Play Area 2.JPG
Hilgay Play Area 4.JPG
Hilgay Play Area 3.JPG